Amy Walraven


Amy Walraven is the President, Chief Strategy Officer and Founder of Turnkey Risk Solutions.

With more than twenty years of expertise identifying, assessing, targeting, and resolving fraud and credit risk issues, Amy has pioneered advancements in the detection of first party fraud schemes including credit bust outs and organized syndicated fraud activity. Her forensic analytics on several major criminal synthetic identity cases makes her an industry leader in understanding the characteristics and transactional patterns associated with first party fraud schemes.

A career risk manager, Amy has developed and implemented scoring models and clustering algorithms to detect organized fraudulent activity at every point of customer engagement. Her cutting-edge solutions have helped mitigate identity risk throughout the customer lifecycle and are leveraged to enhance Know-Your-Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) controls.

Prior to founding TRS, Amy was the Vice President of Identity Risk Management for Consumer and Business Banking at JP Morgan Chase. Previous to her work at JP Morgan Chase, she was the Senior Personal Bank Officer at MBNA America.

Amy is a recognized subject matter expert regarding first party fraud and is a regular panelist and presenter at industry conferences and webinars, sharing her expertise with prominent risk associations as well as government agencies such as the Federal Reserve and Government Accountability Office (GAO). Amy earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Resource Economics, and a Master of Science in Business Management and Human Resources.