Turnkey Risk Solutions

We are a business-to-business company that provides solutions, consulting services, and training for the following:

  • Consumer and Business Service Providers
  • Government Agencies
  • Federal and Local Law Enforcement

In today’s heightened regulatory environment with many organizations under closer scrutiny to reduce fraud losses and protect Consumers, our solutions provide enhanced safeguards against organized fraudulent activities that can threaten their reputation.




Figmentum is our premier solutions suite to combat First Party Fraud. This comprehensive suite of solutions contains algorithms that target organized fraudulent behaviors throughout the entire Customer lifecycle.

Our suite of proprietary solutions are specifically engineered to address the increasing and complex Identity Risk issues in the following industries:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Organizations

Benefits of Figmentum Solutions:

  • Precise targeting – resulting in reduced false positive rates – enables clients to identify potential identity threats during the new Customer screening process
  • Provides proactive solutions for monitoring the Identity Risk associated with an established Customer for Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening
  • More robust Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance vs. traditional risk-based approaches
  • Mitigation of reputational risks through better security for vulnerable populations:
    • Senior Citizens
    • Minors
    • Indigent Populations



In addition to the Figmentum Solutions Suite, TRS also provides consulting services to assist businesses regardless of size. Each member of the leadership team has at least 20 years of experience directly in the Financial Services Industry. Our extensive backgrounds and experience span the following:

  • Fraud
  • Credit
  • Compliance
  • Investigations
  • Training
  • Analytics
  • Strategies
  • Data and System Architecture

During the course of our careers we have focused primarily on Fraud and Credit issues and have been able to capitalize on our vast experience to develop effective operationally executable strategies. In addition to our comprehensive experience, we are recognized subject matter experts in Financial Services Industry Groups, as well as, Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies.


Our services are designed to ensure that our Customers have the ability to target, quantify, and triage Identity Risk within their operational processes throughout the Customer lifecycle.

Our consulting services include:

  • Assessing Identity Risk management needs within businesses and government
  • Recommending effective organization and control infrastructure to remediate Identity Risk throughout the Customer lifecycle
  • Leverage the client’s current infrastructure to deploy operationally executable strategies to maximize existing controls and reduce fraud mitigation lead time
  • Development of training tools and communication strategies to aid operation analysts with assisting their Customers



Our Director of Training and Investigations, Barbara Simcox, is a renowned expert in the field of First Party Fraud. In addition to her 20+ years of fraud and investigation experience, she has participated in every major Bust Out and Synthetic Identity organized fraud case in the US over the past 16 years. Barb has assisted and is frequently contacted by Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies to provide training to agents/investigators to better identify First Party Fraud.


TRS offers training for Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies regarding the identification and case development for prosecution in the following areas:

  • Bust Out
  • Synthetic Identities
  • Organized Criminal Credit Abuse
  • Traditional Identity Theft
  • Best Practices for Partnering with Financial Fraud Investigators